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Z.S.I. is licensed & insured, and is your personal go-to security systems specialists. We offer top quality services throughout Wyoming & the Rocky Mountains, with 24/7 – 365 days a year service & repair!

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Burglar Alarms & Intrusion Systems

Having a burglar alarm system installed in your home or business is an effective way to ensure that your family and property are protected. There are a wide variety of systems available, ranging from small residential systems to very large multi-partition systems designed for commercial or industrial facilities. There are many benefits in having one of these systems installed.

The first benefit of an installed system is deterrence. A potential intruder may recognize that a well designed security system is not worth trying to penetrate. However if an intruder is unaware that your home or building is secured or attempts to gain access regardless, they will be quickly realize that their presence has not gone unnoticed.

An intrusion system will trigger any number of sensors, depending on how the intruder attempts to gain access. These include motion sensors, glass break sensors, door and window contacts and many more. As soon as a sensor is activated, the system will respond accordingly. If it is an obvious intrusion attempt such as a triggered glass break sensor, the most likely response would be to sound an instant audible alarm such as a siren or voice message and begin transmitting the burglar alarm to the alarm monitoring central station. They will then call the local dispatch to have the police department respond.

If a triggered sensor does not necessarily indicate an obvious break-in (such as a door contact indicating that a door has been opened), the systems can begin audibly counting down to allow you time to deactivate the alarm. At the end of this countdown timer, assuming no one has entered a valid disarm code, the burglar alarm will activate, raising a full alarm and alerting the alarm monitoring central station.

While this is a typical scenario, each system that ZSI installs is completely tailored to the needs of your family or business. The systems we use can be fully customized and we understand that every facility is different and will work with you provide the best security solution for your needs.

Most of these systems can also be accessed remotely via smartphone or tablet. Depending on your system, this can allow you to arm or disarm the system, lock or unlock doors, view the feed from any security cameras, send you emails or texts if anything is out of place. The possibilities are endless!

There are many different options for the way the system can be configured and installed. We will work with you and your budget to provide you with a system that works for you. A side benefit of having one of these systems installed is that it will very likely qualify you for a discount on your homeowner’s or building insurance – ask your insurance agent if this will apply to you!

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IP and Analog Camera Systems

A well-implemented camera system can also play a role in intrusion deterrence. Cameras can be installed conspicuously to deter a potential intruder.

If an intruder does decide to attempt a break-in, a camera can assist in apprehending those responsible. With a good quality camera system, the details of a situation can be replayed in stunning detail. This can assist in criminal apprehension as well as lawsuit prevention!

Besides security and surveillance, a camera system installed in your home or building can provide other benefits – anything from employee production monitoring to making sure your kids are home and safe.

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Access Control

An electronic access control system replaces traditional lock and key systems with electronic keypads.

The first benefit of this is to secure your facility. For a commercial scenario, instead of giving a key to the building, each employee can be given an access card or key FOB. This prevents key copying and theft.

Imagine an employee with a key to your building loses his or her keychain or leaves under problematic circumstances, and you suspect a potential backlash. In order to make sure the facility is properly secured, traditional locks would have to be changed and new keys assigned to each employee. This is not the case with an electronic access control system – you would simply suspend that individual’s access rights. This can be done remotely and immediately and that key fob or access card would be useless if it was used to try to gain access to the building.

Like all our our systems, electronic access control can be fully tailored to fit our your needs. Even a very basic access control system can allow or restrict access to doors based on any number of conditions. For example, someone doing business in your building could be allowed access Monday through Friday, 9-5. Any other time they tried to access the building they would be denied. This could also apply to specific doors for your building – you can also restrict certain doors based on permissions. For instance, delivery personnel could could be allowed access through the front door during business hours, but not into any any other part of the building. Any door could be put on a schedule to lock or unlock automatically at a certain time and day as well. These options are easy to change and can adapt as quickly as your needs change.

These systems can also keep a full log of every event, allowing you the option to see who has been in the building. Suspicious behavior (like using access cards in the middle of the night) could be reported to you, or you could use the logs to clock employees in or out. Again, the possibilities are endless.

Systems Integration

Some of the electronics systems we use are designed to be integrated with all manner of other electronic systems. This includes intrusion and burglar alarms, camera systems, access control, lighting control and building automation, timekeeping and attendance and many more. There are any number of functions that can be performed if these individual systems are integrated with each other.  You could turn lights off after the building is closed, record surveillance from a camera when a certain door is opened, arm and disarm an intrusion system with the same key fobs or cards, view door status and camera feeds remotely with a computer or smart phone app,- there really is no limit to what can be done.

Structured Cabling

ZSI provides commercial structured cabling design and installation using Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, and fiber optic cables and modular connectors. Contact us to see how we can provide cabling services for your voice and data systems.


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